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ViiV Healthcare Pure Substance Request (PSR)

VH Pure Substances are available as “in kind” donations for preclinical research (in vitro or animal) to study novel disease biology and advance scientific knowledge.

In order to fully utilize this site, you must first register a profile. Once registered, you will be able to:

  • Submit a study high level “Concept” directly into VH’s PSR system, which will allow ViiV to determine if they are interested in this proposal and would like to have a full proposal submission.
  • Submit full study proposals directly into VH’s PSR system, which will facilitate more timely reviews and decisions.
  • Check on the status of both proposals and previously approved studies.
  • Post and receive electronic documentation directly through the system.
  • Receive periodic prompts regarding key milestones and deliverables associated with your proposals or previously approved studies.

Decisions on pure drug substance requests will be communicated within 3-4 weeks of the completed submission of all required documents in this portal:

  • Full Proposal Form
  • CV
  • Conflict of Interest
  • If applicable
    • IRB/EC Approval
    • IACUC Approval
    • Medical License
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All Safety Reporting must be conducted as per your study agreement. If you need to report a suspected side effect for a ViiV Healthcare medicine that is not part of your study, please click the following.

Report a side effect

To report a suspected side effect, please use the online reporting form below. This facility is provided under our service agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), so please choose ‘ViiV Healthcare medicines’ from the drop-down product list on the form. In North America, you can report a side effect via the GSK Response Center at 1-888-825-5249, Monday-Friday, 8am - 8pm ET.

VH requires that all concepts are discussed with a VH representative BEFORE being entered in this portal

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