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ViiV Healthcare Investigator-Sponsored Research (ISR) Programme

ViiV Healthcare (VH) is an independent, global specialist HIV company established in 2009 with the commitment to deliver innovative new options for the care and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS. As part of the commitment, we recognize the valuable role that our support of investigator-sponsored research (ISR) plays in fulfilling this mission. An investigator-sponsored study is a research effort where the sponsor of the work is the investigator, healthcare institution, or some form of medical network external to VH and is seeking our support to conduct the work. Depending on the type of research, this support may include any of the following: providing drug product or substance; providing funding; participating in collaboration to develop and conduct a study of mutual scientific and/or clinical interest.

VH only supports ISR that has a legitimate scientific purpose. The decision to support a study proposal is based on the importance of the research objectives to medical science or patient care, the scientific rationale for the proposed methodology, and the ability of the study sponsor to deliver a high-quality ethical study.

VH does not support ISR in order to reward healthcare professionals for using, purchasing, recommending, or prescribing VH products or to persuade them to do so by supporting

VH expects that when submitting your proposal, you will agree to publish your results in a timely fashion and you confirm the Sponsoring entity you represent will agree to grant ViiV -as a minimum- an indefinite non-exclusive license of all data, information and intellectual property resulting from the Study and an option to negotiate an exclusive license.

ViiV ISR adhere to local laws, regulations, industry codes, and applicable VH written standards including local country-specific written standards. In the case of conflicting requirements, the one which is most strict is followed.

This ViiV ISR portal currently includes three sections based on the type of study you are proposing and subsequently tracking. Each type has specific information and review processes which allow VH to optimize our response to your proposal and the tracking of the subsequent study activities.

VH accepts study proposals from Investigators in two ways:
  • Open – A sponsor/investigator has an idea/concept for a study based on their interest and they have discussed this idea with a VH representative. They submit their concept proposal via this ViiV ISR Portal based on the appropriate study class (ISS, PSR, COLLAB). Upon submission the proposal will progress through the review process.

    ✪ Note: Investigators are expected to communicate with a VH representative before submitting an "Open" proposal concept via this portal.

  • Response to Request for Proposals (Postings) – VH will post RFPs on this portal that are active for a specific response period and identify “Areas of Interest”. VH encourages Sponsors/Investigators to respond by the submission of a concept proposal via this portal. These proposals will be reviewed in accordance with a specific schedule outlined in the RFP. Current RFPs “Areas of Interest” may be viewed by clicking on the “New ISS and RFP Requests/Studies” button above and to the right.

Types of Requests/Studies

Pure Substance Requests/Studies New ISS and RFP Requests/Studies Collaborative
All Safety Reporting must be conducted as per your study agreement. If you need to report a suspected side effect for a ViiV Healthcare medicine that is not part of your study, please click the following.

Report a side effect

To report a suspected side effect, please use the online reporting form below. This facility is provided under our service agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), so please choose ‘ViiV Healthcare medicines’ from the drop-down product list on the form. In North America, you can report a side effect via the GSK Response Center at 1-888-825-5249, Monday-Friday, 8am - 8pm ET.

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